Perfect way to intergrate and work with digital


It’s all about experiences

PAINT THE CLOUD is a creative and strategic digital agency, based in Copenhagen, Denmark that believes in delivering entertaining and imaginative solutions centred inspiring creative ideas and on sound strategic thinking  moving the consumer from a passive audience towards active brand participants across different digital channels.

We believe that everything in the consumers life today is digital. Its no more offline vs online – it’s a mix of media that facilitates the contact and connection through active consumer participation.

Content is todays brand connector to consumers

Its important to understand the paradigm shift in the way consumers “consume” brands. Brands are now used more than they are preferred.Functional benefits and relevance now outweigh the intangible and emotional allure of a brand.

9.6% of marketers say increased presence across social media platforms is their top area of corporate social media marketing (”social marketing”) investment for this year, ahead of increased frequency of content publishing (58.9%) and more robust social marketing management (49.5%) a December 2011 Awareness survey. Investments in expanded social reach will be led by self-reported social marketing novices (78%) and dabblers (71%), while experienced social marketers find the category to be somewhat less of a priority, placing it relatively on par with increased frequency of content publishing and more robust monitoring.

Do brands understand what it is all about?

To all the brands who are constantly trying to think about their brand in terms of how you want your consumer to perceive it by spending endless time in trying to dictate what we as your consumers should and should not think about your brand please have a listen to this. It’s is a completely different way but yet so simple if you are willing to change. Please do not spend time thinking on how your website is designed as in the old days. In todays digital age  it’more about creating valuable content that is inspiring, usable and relevant. Design is the  support to your content – not the other way around. I can promise you this you will not be perceived as a brand that understands digital if the focus is on a one place destination. Your content is like people in an airport – traveling to different destinations with different expectations.  Enjoy this short movie that as many others try to explain the shift that has already happened yet so many brands are still not willing to understand.