This is how its done..

But I guess to call it integrated advertising is not up to date. Advertising has changed – I would call it – ICE “Integrated Consumer Experience”. Its all about experiences and how one connects one big idea across media platforms.



Cars, The new digital platform

In the same way the TVs of the future will be powered by the Internet such as upcoming Apple TV which will launch within the next 18 month, so too will the cars. Yes the cars! And while that could impact everything from fuel efficiency to finding parking spots, its impact is already being felt on the radio dial.

With car manufacturers developing their own app platforms that can access the Internet – currently through a smartphone but eventually through built-in connectivity. Branded content can indeed be used as an important word when looking at the future digital platform, cars. From the 70’ties where Herbie can talk, communicate and react to the drivers words, the future cars are definitely not far behind. Its interesting to ask one self if the future car buyer will start to put more emphasis on the cars apps its intelligence to understand commands than existing features as speed, cylinders? Just an interesting thought in regards to the future consumers buying motives.