Idea & conceptual development, Digital Strategy, Creative Execution, Social Media Strategies, Account Management and production.

Strategy is the direction for any client and with out a well thought digital strategy it will be all most impossible to maneuver in the digital arena and with out a great idea and execution the consumer are likely not to want to engage with you.

At PAINT THE CLOUD we believe that strategy and creative goes hand in hand – this is what we call “StrateVity”.

We excel in creating well thought strategies and powerful creative ideas that will have an impact on not only the way the consumer engages with your brand but also how they perceive you.

The digital future possibilities are endless and they will have a profound impact on the way we do business today. But the real beauty lies in how it reflects the millions of people you’re trying to engage – what they love, what leaves them cold, what makes each of them totally unique.

Conventional strategy reacts to the choices people make online – but great digital strategy anticipates the fundamental needs and desires that drive the consumer choice.

Through consumer research and unparalleled industry expertise, PAINT THE CLOUD uncover unmet needs of the consumers and unexplored digital business opportunities. We create simply create ideas, concepts and digital strategies that allow brands to leapfrog competitors in an increasingly digital world.